Now that’s one of my favorite DC characters who is not given that much importance on the big screen yet. The idea of a person or meta-human running more than the fastest jet on the planet is fascinating. We are not here to comment on his super-speed but to just admit how cool it feels to just have a thought of it. …


Hi Guys! I think all of us know about the Titanic disaster and I am pretty sure that everyone watched the Titanic (1997) movie. Now Let’s see in this article how the Titanic Dataset is relevant in Data Science World. The Titanic dataset is one of the famous data sets which every Data Scientist explores at the start of their career. I know many people (and I don’t blame them) who just want to do imputation and jump straight to the machine learning algorithms and run them to get some accuracy, because that is fun, right. It feels good to…

Gaur Pankaj

Data Enthusiast | Python | Ex-HSBC

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